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REBEL FOR LOVE -campaign was established by Finnish Peacemakers, composer Maija Kaunismaa and visual artist Mikko Ijäs, to raise awareness for the ongoing and deepening climate crisis which is threatening all life on this planet. We encourage people to take action and ground that action in spiritual practice. 

Peacemakers Finland is working alongside with the Extinction Rebellion (XR). We encourage people to participate their nonviolent actions and donate funds for their massive work for political and systemic change to secure the future of our planet. 

Links to take action: 

International Extinction Rebellion 

Extinction Rebellion Finland (Elokapina) 

Donate funds for Extinction Rebellion 

Maija Kaunismaa’s website



Peacemakers Finland has dedicated to study and develop practices which honor the inseparability of the transformation of the self and the world, and to study spiritual practices where compassion and a deepening realization of our radical interconnectedness helps us to live in solidarity with all life.

Although we live in a time of ecological and social crisis, creative and sustainable future is possible. Such a future depends upon transformation of both our values and consciousness, and the socio-economic forms that currently condition both the individual and our society. 

The goal of our actions is to support radical change, to transform insights and understandings into a lived reality – from the spiritual to the social, the political to the personal, and the imaginative to the inspirational. 

Peacemakers Finland offers open meditation teaching, a place for meditation, retreats and workshops. 

Peacemakers Finland’s workshops and retreats are open for everyone. We encourage artists, activists and all kinds of people to use meditation to ground and transform social action into a spiritual path of service to the community and to the Earth.


Peacemakers Finland is an official regional Affiliate Group of the Zen Peacemakers International. Peacemakers Finland is a Helsinki based collective practicing socially engaged work, silent reflection, and serving their local community in the spirit of the Three Tenets of the Zen Peacemakers which are:

  1. Not-Knowing, by giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe.

  2. Bearing Witness, by listening and opening your heart to the joy and suffering of the world.

  3. Taking Action that arises from Not-Knowing and Bearing Witness.

Members the Peacemakers Finland are encouraged to offer themselves into environmental activism, volunteers to local social projects, and to explore their possibilities to work together with NGO's and social institutions. The members will be also assisted and encouraged to use all ingredients of their life and their professional skills to engage with their own communities, and to listen how to serve their communities by taking action, by raising awareness, by engaging in activism, volunteering, campaigning, and making donations, building projects, arranging events and exhibitions. 

The members of the Peacemakers Finland are encouraged to participate local and international trainings that will help them to be more efficient and healthier Peacemakers. Members are encouraged to good care of their own health by engaging trainings and activities that will improve mental and physical health, and improve their nondual communicational skills.Members of the Peacemakers are encouraged to explore their personal role as an integrated element of the interconnectedness of all life, and serve their communities through the Three Tenets and other core practices of the Zen Peacemakers. 



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“The ocean does not refuse any kind of water.”

Eihei Dogen




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